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Are you ready to get out of your own way?

Sometimes the only thing that stands between us and the goals we want to accomplish is ourselves. We stand in our own way, we self-sabotage, and we invent obstacles. Why? Because we fear. We fear failure, we fear vulnerability and we fear being exposed.

The truth is, that fear exists only in our minds. And rather than push our dreams further and further away, we need to fight back. We need to get out of our own way. It’s time to stop undermining yourself and get started on making a difference. Decide what you want, commit to being committed and believe you can instead of cannot. And if all that sounds too daunting, Amanda Sanders can help you.

The Amanda Sanders story

Amanda has made a flourishing career out of helping people get out of their own way. Her business mentoring and life coaching skills are aimed at educating people how to squash those destructive patterns of self-sabotage and build a fruitful future.

She knows her program works – not just because she has led the transformation in others but also because she accomplished it in herself too.

For most of her life, Amanda has been helping others realise their potential. From her early days mentoring student nurses to her role in reforming stagnate businesses into thriving enterprises and more recently creating her business advocating for people living with a disability to achieve independence, Amanda’s focus has always been to encourage people to be extraordinary versions of themselves.

Her pivotal moment was when she decided to get out of her way to fulfil her own desires. Now she dedicates herself to making sure others don’t wait as long as she did to prosper.

Amanda’s degree in psychology taught her to understand people. She marries these skills with her business management acumen to identify why people behave the way they do in business, the mistakes they make and the pitfalls they can avoid in order to accomplish their goals and life changes.

Let’s talk about your future.

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