I would like to thank you so much for taking the hour to spend talking to me and finding out more about what I want to achieve.  I feel so confident after speaking with you that I have chosen the right coach to educate and support me in my business growth.

I already have my whiteboard, post-it notes, and diary mapped out. Now doing my business cards, flyers, and pens for my NDIS business.

Once again I cannot thank you enough.


In the last six months with Amanda’s guidance we have more than doubled our revenue and expanded our team so that we can work more ON, rather than IN the business. I’m doing so, Amanda has helped us to delegate and put processes in place that streamline operation and have allowed us more free time to spend together, enjoying the life we have created.


I am so grateful for the guidance and support Mandy has shown us this far. She always finds a way and has an incredible perspective on all things from life to business, which I’m so glad to share in.


Big thank you Mandy, we are so lucky to have started this journey with you, and we’re only just getting started!

Jae-Molly SchofieldManaging Director - SmartCare

I have known and worked with Amanda for many years and on many projects from healthcare to management.


Mandy has not only been a great friend and mentor but a great business partner and confidant for me, especially when faced with challenges in finding the correct way for me to scale my business and figure out the best foot forward.


In 2016 Mandy was an integral part in helping develop my business Sin Studios and guiding us through some difficult choices. Helping me find the motivation to push on through and never give up, or give in.


In 2017 after a lot of transformation work and steps in the right direction, I can still remember Mandy’s wise words “You’re Ready boy”.
We where able to secure and sell my company Sin Studios Media for 6 million euro to a Ukrainian technology firm, looking to expand into Europe and looking to extend service to the growing I-gaming market.


Mandy has been a force in my life and business for the last 20 years.
A person I want to listen to, and who cares about my reality.
I can not think of anyone better suited to have as a business mentor.
I wish Mandy all the very best success, she deserves every bit of it, and I hope to continue successfully having Amanda Sanders by my side and in my arsenal for years to come.

Shaun Attard

I have known Amanda for several decades now and she has always been supportive and helped me to set and achieve realistic goals as well as push my boundaries to achieve goals that I would not have set myself. She helps keep me accountable and I can rely on her to ensure I remain on plan.


Amanda has worked with me on several projects over the years, she has been a coach and mentor to me for many years now and continues to support me with business decisions to this day, I cannot foresee a time when I would not ask Amanda for support and advice.


Examples of some of the main projects she has helped me with was a yacht company in Spain that I owned; Mandy helped me initially to develop it and then to scale it to the point that I was able to sell it for a considerable profit.


Mandy has also helped with the development as well as the compliance side of my kitchen fitting company, providing me with policies & procedures as well as WH&S paperwork. As a result I have been able to develop an extremely successful company that continues to grow in both reputation and size.


As a coach and mentor I would highly recommend her to anyone, Mandy has a “can do” attitude and always says yes, she then takes steps to make it happen and supports others to do the same and as a result achieve their full potential.

Mr Richard PreeceOwner / Director - Wye Valley Kitchens

I have been working with Amanda Sanders now for more than two years. She has help me transition to where I am today, and has taken my business to the next level through her business mentoring program. Amanda has enabled me to set clear goals in business and in my personal life, and has showed me techniques to achieve them. If you are looking for a coach to push you out of your comfort zone and get results? Then I would highly recommend Amanda to anyone who is serious.

Rita Di Tommaso

I am Dr Vladimir Shcherbinin, a doctor and the owner of the Bathurst Skin Cancer & Cosmedical Clinic. I am an Overseas Trained Doctor (OTD) and used to be a surgeon from Ukraine.


I met Mrs Amanda Sanders in March 2011, when I relocated from the Albury Skin Cancer Clinic to the Orange Skin Cancer Clinic, where Amanda was working as a manager of the clinic.


From my beginning communication with Mrs Sanders, I realized that Amanda has unique skills, to see in each person their best skills and provide the best possible environment for those skills to benefit to a person and to people. Thus, under Amanda management skills the Orange clinic was renovated and reconstructed inn the best possible ways that I can do the big surgeries and establish the additional medical services the Orange Clinic did not have before. After two years of working together in 2013 Mrs A. Sanders left the Orange clinic to pursue her own business and development.


At the beginning 2016 I was seriously thinking to leave the Orange Clinic and start my own medical business and clinic. I knew that the best person to discuss my thoughts would be Mrs Amanda Sanders. After our initial meeting, Amanda agreed to help me to create my own medical business and clinic. At the beginning Amanda prepared a very detailed business plan for my future clinic that included all essential business and medical components that my clinic should have. We discussed over the business plan and I was very impressed how Amanda had such broad vision of a realistic and also progressive plan of my clinic establishment and progressive development with time. Since March 2016, Mrs Sanders agreed to be my project manager and the business consultant for my own clinic I wanted to create in Bathurst.


I have bought the premises and Mrs Sanders did extremely important work to fulfil all necessary changes and at the same time complying with all the requirements according to the Bathurst city Council. The whole building was substantially renovated and it was possible to create two additional rooms and an empty shed close the main building was reconstructed and a small additional room and utility area and toilet and shower for the staff have been created.


Amanda with her extraordinary management and business skills was able to equip the clinic with all necessary equipment for the most cheapest costs. She has a very unique ability to establish all the necessary steps and organise many services, professional and trades people to fulfil those steps and complete them on time! Amanda spent a lot of her time to the very late evenings orchestrating the project as the best conductor.  It was clear to me, that without Mrs Sanders skills and abilities, it would be impossible for my on my own to complete such a big medical and business project, and fulfil my dream to have my own medical practice.  And because the clinic has been created from the beginning as a properly renovated premises, it has been functioning without any interruption, the business plan allowed me gradually expending the business and medical services and provide a broad range of medical services not only to local community but many patients far outside the Bathurst. And my medical business was able to survive all difficult times including the Covid-19 pandemic lockdowns and thrive, when many other small businesses went down permanently.


According to my experience working with Amanda, she is a very knowledgeable and experienced business woman.  She has a very flexible personal approach, at the beginning she told me “Vlad give me the budget and I would work my best to deliver the best possible result based on that budget”!


Amanda is very easy to communicate, has excellent sense of humour but on the other hand, she is a very tough in business to complete and fulfil the any business task on time with the best possible results! Amanda has unique abilities to have her big vision of the business and fulfil that through many thoughtful small steps on the agreed timely manner.


In my opinion, anyone who would work with Amanda find her as a very reliable, professional, knowledgeable and experienced business-woman, who successfully fulfilling her excellent business abilities with her very loving family life with her brilliant engineer husband and two beautiful mature children.

Dr Vladimir ShcherbininOwner / Director - Bathurst Skin Cancer & Cosmedical Clinic

Amanda looks forward to meeting you too.

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