Business mentoring that will realise your potential and create new pathways to success

Business Mentoring

Business mentoring that will realise your potential and create new pathways to success

When you started your business, chances are you were excited for what was ahead. You may have started off great but regardless of how savvy you were, your business has fallen into a rut and you don’t know how to get out of it. Too many businesses set out for success but fail within the early years. And you don’t want to be another statistic.

Amanda has seen the scenario play out before: the sad tale of people spending too many hours working in their business at the expense of being able to work on their business. Amanda has walked the path as an entrepreneur and can share her extensive experiences to help you discover insights into your business practices that are holding you back.

Amanda’s success has motivated her to share her business acumen in a bid to reignite people’s passion. Her sought after coaching tools will have you exploring new ways of thinking and her outsider looking in approach will give you honest, unbiased solutions needed to overcome your challenges and reach your goals.

Business mentoring that will realise your potential and create new pathways to success

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Transformation takes time and commitment. And acknowledging the need for change can be daunting. As your experienced coach and mentor, Amanda will be by your side to guide you, educate you and support you. Together, you can be the catalyst to transform your business into what you want it to be.

Amanda’s mentoring program is for people who are serious about building their business. Sign up for a 12 week, 6 month or 12 month program and create lasting change.

Free yourself from the daily grind.

Why work with Amanda

For more than 30 years, Amanda has taken countless stagnate businesses and transformed them into dynamic and thriving enterprises – a great number of which have gone on to sell for considerably vast sums.

From her days working in busy hospital emergency wards mentoring student nurses to managing people in business, Amanda understands what it takes to scale a business and steer it to success. She did it with her own venture and has moved on to show so many others how to do the same.

Amanda is the advocate you need in your corner as you navigate the challenges of business. She will help you see the bigger picture, offer you a fresh perspective, ask the thought provoking questions and develop powerful strategies to drive your business forward.

Amanda will help you realise your potential so you can achieve results faster and more effectively.

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