Business & Life Balance Retreats

Restore your mind, body and spirit and create the life and business you want

When your mind is craving an escape from your tiresome routine and your body is calling out for rest and rejuvenation, you need a getaway with a difference.

Our mindfulness packed retreats are an escape from the daily grind and a satisfying leap toward personal discovery and self-exploration.

Afterwards, you can return to your life with a renewed spirit, empowered mind and the clarity to build success.

Our retreats are held in surrounds that nurture calmness and serenity. Contact us for more details.

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What you can expect from your retreat experience

Indulge in our transformative business and self-care retreats, thoughtfully curated to provide a harmonious blend of healing practices such as Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy®. These sessions foster personal growth, empowering you to overcome self-limiting beliefs and chart a path toward your aspirations.

Immerse yourself in relaxation through invigorating yoga and soothing massage, crafting a serene space for improved energy, stress management, and mental clarity. This holistic approach primes your mind, body, and spirit for success, helping you connect with a refined version of yourself and focus on goals that lead to a fulfilling life, enabling you to become a strong leader. Whether you choose yoga, massage, or both, each experience delves into the depths of your inner self, fostering deep awareness and well-being.

Join Amanda and Corissa Sorbello on their upcoming retreat to the Phillipines. From June 29th to July 3rd 2024. Join the Facebook group for more information on the retreat and how to book.

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