Business & Life Balance Retreats

Restore your mind, body and spirit and create the life and business you want

When your mind is craving an escape from your tiresome routine and your body is calling out for rest and rejuvenation, you need a getaway with a difference.

Our mindfulness packed retreats are an escape from the daily grind and a satisfying leap toward personal discovery and self-exploration.

Afterwards, you can return to your life with a renewed spirit, empowered mind and the clarity to build success.

Our retreats are held in surrounds that nurture calmness and serenity. Contact us for more details.

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Business & Life Balance Retreats

What you can expect from your retreat experience

Our business and self-care retreats are the perfect mix of healing (Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Time Line Therapy®), relaxation (yoga and massage), and awakening (Enneagram personality typing) to help you feel empowered and ready to regain control of your life. We also provide you with personalised Epigenetic evaluation and an app that allows you to plan your life according to your genetic body type.

Focusing on these areas will help you connect to a better version of yourself, help you focus on your goals and prime your mind, body and spirit for success.

Time Line Therapy® will help stimulate your personal growth and development. The transformational technique helps people to conquer self-limiting beliefs and forge ahead towards their goals and dreams. You will be encouraged to define new goals and desirable behaviours for your unconscious mind to absorb so you can achieve better well-being.

Yoga and massage will improve your energy, manage your stress and achieve clarity and calmness. Choose your ultimate relaxation tool – yoga or massage (or both!) – to experience a deep awareness of your inner self.

Epigenetics is an emerging science which allows us to tap into the power of our biology or genetics. By knowing and understanding our biological drivers, we gain greater clarity into our physical, psychological and social needs which allows us to create greater ease and flow in life and business. Based on your epigenetics there will be an in-house chef to provide you with meals made from beautiful local produce, allowing you to work on your nutritional health immediately.

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